Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hello people, I´m back with a new idea! Do you like watching serials when you have free time? So let´s look on a new serial mania!!! What I´m talking about? Ok, do you know Friends, Step by step, Frasier, Sex in the city, aso.? Ok, but we know all of these popular serials and we want something new, I´m right? So find some serial which you think you should like, and come on! Subtitles = unknown word for you?? Not from this moment, because most of the these serials you can find just with subtitles for now. But it´s better for you... You can improve your english ;-)
Every day more frequently slovak people starts to watch the series on their computers, because it´s more comfortable... You can watch the part of the serial which you want and when you want.. Isn´t it great?
Some tips for you : How I met your mother (about this serial more next time), Gossip girl, Dexter, One three Hill, aso..
So let´s go!

Your duckling

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The woman

The protagonists Mary Haines (Meg Ryan), Sylvie Fowler are best friends and what they are? And the answer is: they are women. So this story tells about Mary, who seems to have it all – a beautiful home, a rich successful husband, an 11 years old daughter and a part-time career as a clothing designer for her father’s venerable clothing company.
Her best friend, Sylvie Fowler (Annette Bening), has another enviable life – a happily single editor of a prominent fashion magazine Cachet.
Other important woman in this movie: Edie Cohen (Debra Messing), also friend of Mary and Sylvie, who figures as a mommy not just for her children, but also for her friends.
And the last is Alex Fisher (Jada Pinkett-Smith) authoress who has an character to tell the things which the people don´t want to hear.

When Mary’s husband enters into an affair with Crystal Allen (Eva Mendes), a sultry ‘spritzer girl’ lurking behind the Saks Fifth Avenue perfume counter, all hell breaks loose. Mary and Sylvie’s relationship is tested to the breaking point while their tight-knit circle of friends, including Edie and Alex, all start to question their own friendships and romantic relationships as well.

Film premiere on Slovakia: 15. 1. 2009
Director: Diane English
Cast: Meg Ryan, Annette Bening, Eva Mendes, Debra Messing, Jada Pinkett Smith
Camera: Anastas Michos
Music: Mark Isham


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

World bank predicts 2% ekonomics growth for Slovak Republic

According World bank slovak ekonomics will by grow up in this year. The Reuters agency brought information, that the Slovak republic with 5 next country of EU can make 2% ekonomics increase.

The World bank predicts ekonomics growth of Slovak republic, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia und Romania.

Some analysts assert, that this information is too optimistic. The analyst Lars Christensen said: „It looks like fantastic story for this region. From our sight any country will by make economics growth in year 2009.

In the first half of february Organisation for ekonomics cooperation and development (OECD) advetised prognosis for Slovak Republic. The prognosis was very optimistic. The economics growth will make 4%. The chef of OECD Angel Gurria in Bratislava said, that Slovakia will not achieve this ekonomics growth, absolutely.


Sunday, February 22, 2009


We knew finally the next three semifinalist of Slovak national bout of musical author competition The Big award Eurovision 2009. The televiewers decided about that yeasterday evening in a message voting in a straight transmission of the second semifinal bout.
To the finall awarded a noted singer Tomáš Bezdeda, which introduced himself with a song Každý z nás, second was Mária Čírová, which sang a song Búrka. The jury appointed a band Mukatado, which appeared with a song Ja sa mám.
A audience roared, applauded, scanded, supported their favorites.

Who will be our representative in final in Moscow?? We will know it in March. Winner the national bout has a chance to be the one of the stars in the world. It is just up the people and up his talent.


Unusually holiday!!!

Hi everybody!!
How I wrote in the last publication,this time I will be writing about Agra. In my opinion Agra is the famoused city in India. Agra, city on the banks of the Yamuna River in Uttar Pradesh,is home of the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the modern world and surely the most romantic gift an emperor could build for his wife. When you are in India, a tour to the Taj Mahal is one of the best ways to make your Indian holiday a memorable experience. Delhi is the most convenient point to start your journey to Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal Agra is about 220 km from Delhi and is well connected by air, rail and road.It takes about half hour to reach Taj Mahal if you are taking a flight from Delhi.By train it takes a little over one hour and by road you can reach the city of Taj Mahal in over two hours. In fact road transport and the rails are the best way to get a feel of India.Taj Mahal-the 17th century marvel-is really beautiful and it's a wonderful feeling to watch the symbol of love unfold with your eyes. As you watch the pillars, minarets, dome, the lawns, the mosques on each side and floral motifs on its wall; you realize why the Taj Mahal is so talked and written about.The moment you enter the gate, built in red stone, the first thing you can see is the dome of the Taj Mahal built in white marble. As your eyes get accustomed to the beauty of the white marble you notice the planned wonders that are sprinkled around. Yes, the four lush green gardens with waterways and a pool at the centre. The gardens are believed to be modelled along the Char Bag style of Persia (Iran).The main structure can simply be described as poetry in stone. Inside the mausoleum is the grave of Mumtaz Mahal with 99 names of Allah inscribed on it. The floral motifs on the walls and the jali work offer a wonderful sight. Your Taj Mahal tour is incomplete without a visit to the mosques on the each side of the Taj Mahal and the four minarets that surround it.If you always wondered how Taj Mahal looks in moonlight nights, now can you visit Taj Mahal during nights as well.All you have to do to see Taj Mahal during the night is to book your ticket 24 hours in advance. So enjoy your tours to Agra with Taj Mahal Agra. This journey can be really amazing, you can believe me.
Bye bye-next week!!!
Written by Carla Kristof

A tragedy at Polomka

12 people died in a collision between a bus and a passenger train in central Slovakia at about 9am on Saturday.
The accident happened on a crossing near the town of Brezno, as the bus was travelling to a ski resort called Polomka Bučník. The railway crossing had no light signals or barriers to stop vehicles from crossing. The bus driver hadn´t enough time to change up to higher gear and sticked on the rail crossing. The train pushed the bus for tens of metres.
The 37 people on the bus were all from Banovce nad Bebravou and its neighborhood. Three married couples were between dead.
Martina Pavlikova, a spokeswoman for the Slovak Railways, said: "All the dead and injured were on the bus. There were only a few passengers on the train and they didn't suffer any serious injuries."
Three helicopters and nine ambulances took the 20 injured to hospital.


Unusually holiday !!!

Hi friends!!

After one week I want to continue with my article about India. In this publication I want to imagine you the most visiting places in this beautiful country. So, I think you heard something about Goa, Agra, Mambia and Dharamsala. That are the most visitig destinations in India. This time I will be writting something about Goa. So, let´s go!!! Goa is the smallest state in India, is best known for its sunny and beautiful beaches. Just be sure to know what kind of experience you want: private beaches owned by hotels will feature only British and Australian tourists, while public beaches will be crowded with Indians (and offer cheap but safe water sports). The exotic land of Goa is a veritable tourist paradise. Sun-drenched beaches, enriching wildlife, opulent churches…Goa unfolds before the starry-eyed traveler in myriad ways. Besides the wealth of scenic beauty, the warm and friendly nature of the Goan people adds to the charm. But despite all these positives, one is always circumspect about the pitfalls that come with travelling to an unknown place.Safety should be of paramount importance while traveling to any foreign destination. In the excitement of exploring an exotic location people often let their guard down and get carried away. Such indifference can lead to disastrous consequences. Even though the Goans are warm, friendly people, there will be the proverbial rotten egg lurking around in search of gullible victims. Here are some safety precautions for traveling in Goa:
• Instead of carrying large amounts of cash, opt for traveler's cheques as they are readily exchangeable in most locations.
• While traveling, never accept food or drinks from strangers. They might be a ploy to rob you of your valuables.
So, my friends, despite of that you must be carefully, is Goa beautiful place for holiday. I hope my tips can help you. In the next publication I will be writing about Agra.
Bye bye!!!
Written by Carla Kristof

The Golden Raspberry

The RazzieAwards, formally called the Golden Raspberry dishonours, was the grossly overrated Canadian comedy star Mike Myers, who had a seven nominations for his movie The Love Guru.
The movie was a successor to the Austin Powers series and got its just deserves at box offices, where it was one of the year’s most flops.
The film bomb was judged to be so bad by the hardened Razzie nominators that they chose it to compete in all the major categories including acting dishonours for Myers, Verne Troyer, Jessica Alba and even Oscar-winner Ben Kingsley.
But The Love Guru has plenty of competition. Also featuring highly on the list of nominees was Paris Hilton, whose every screen moment seemed. She was nominated for worst actress for the classic comedy The Hottie and the Nottie, worst supporting actress for The Genetic Opera and as one-half of the year’s worst screen couple together with both Hottie costar Christine Lakin or Joel David Moore.
Beside Myers, the worst-actor nominees include Eddie Murphy for Meet Dave , Al Pacino for both 88 Minutes and Righteous Kill and Mark Wahlberg, who also scored a double nomination for The Happening and Max Payne.
The biggest winner was German director Uwe Boll, who was the recipient of the worst career achievement for such timeless gems as the Bloodrayne series, Alone in the Dark and House of the Dead.
Film fans could have other opinions, but at least with the Razzies they could do something about it. The Golden Raspberry allowed anyone to vote - as long as they proved that they cared enough to pay a $25 registration fee.


He's Just Not That Into You

Director: Ken Kwapis
Producer: Nancy Juvonen
Writer: Abby Kohn, Marc Silverstein
Cast: Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Connelly, Ben Affleck, Justin Long, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston

It is a comedy from the year 2008. This movie is based on the best-selling book by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo. Jennifer Connelly plays a woman stuck in a tired marriage with Cooper. Kevin Connolly is a man pining after a woman, and he is having an affair with Cooper. Goodwin is a young woman obsessed with Kevin Connolly who tries to set up accidental meetings with him only to run across his friend, played by Long, who takes her on as a "My Fair Lady" experiment. Barrymore plays a woman perpetually confused by dating, now more than ever in a culture that is more obsessed with technology than actual human contact.

Official movie website:


The world of movies

Hello! I´m you new culture editor and i will bring you all news from the world of movies. Do you prefer comedy, thriller, romantic movies, horrors, or documentary movies?? I will write you articles about all of these genres and you will read what you want :) So good reading and a lot of good movies ;)


The price of oil increased by 14% in one day

The price of oil increased amain yesterday evening. During 1 day drum of american oil increased the price by 14%, now it cost 39,48 dollars.

According CNNMoney company increase of price of oil was caused by last message about stock in trade in USA. Last week the stock in trade were decreased. They were brought down of 138-thousand drums to 350,6 millions drums.

Analytics of company Colosseum Peter Černák said, that the cause of decreasing stocks is smaller import of oil. The organisation OPEC fight with decreasing price of oil. This organisation control production of oil in the world.

For the first time the price of oil began to decrease on the July last year. In this time was the price of oil in record niveau 147 dollar for drum.

The analytics of financial group Erste Group predict, that the prices will by increase soon. It is assumed, that the average price oil will by 55 USD for drum.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Venus Williams won tournament WTA in Dubai

The Winner on tennis tournament in Dubai is Venus Williams, which beat on Saturday Virginia Razzanov 6:4, 6:2.
„It was a fantastic week for me. I beat in the semi final the best player in the World, my sister Serena. I would like to attack again the first place. I will do everything, what I can, to make it“, said after match Venus Williams. The American accomplish in singles the 40. triumph an she will move in the world scale form the 6. to the 5. place. Venus Williams didn´t have seriously problems to beat Virginia Razzanova and she makes better their mutual balance 3:1 against 25 yaers old French. Venus Williams took 800 points form Dubai and 350 000 USD.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chimp attack – a modern-day tragedy

The chimp called Travis, appeared on TV commercials and often posed for photographs. Travis’s social skills included drinking wine from a glass, dressing and bathing himself and using a computer. Its owner, Sandra Herold (70) raised him as a children.
Herold told detectives that Travis was very aggressive Monday afternoon. He took her keys from the kitchen table, opened the door and walked out.
The 15 years old, 90 kg chimpanzee, attacked Charla Nash (55) as she got out of her car to visit its owner in Stamford.
Ms. Herold tried to pull Travis off her friend, but without success. Then she
ran inside to make an emergency call. She took a large butcher knife and stabbed her longtime pet much times to save her friend, who was really brutally attacked.

Then arrived the police officers, but the chimp then started attacking them. It injured two police officers before being shot dead as it tried to enter a police car.
Sandy Herold was taken to the hospital and treated for shock. Charla Nash's injuries are life-threatening. She lost a lot of blood. Two cops were treated for minor injuries.

Ms. Nash had markedly changed her hairstyle since the last time Travis had seen her and possibly mistaked her for an enemy.
Travis had escaped from a car before in 2003, and had spent two hours in Stamford.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hello guys :-), My name is Kiky, I´ll give you hot informations about all celebs in the world and new fashions styles. You´ll miss no tittle tattle and we´ll meet each other two times in the week. We will spend a nice and interesting time together.

Michelle's style shakes up Washington

First ladies have long been known for boxy suits, classic colors and ultraluxe pearls. But not Michelle Obama. As she moved into the White house this week and twirled her way through inaugural balls, the style agenda was clear: young, trendy and extremely new.
Michelle's not someone who wants to be confinement in a box wearing a suit and sensible heels say longtime all fashion editors , this fackt tells also our What´s up!. Her clothes represent a generational shift. We love your style Michelle. You are the number one from all firs ladies in the USA.


Unusually holiday !!!

Hi kids!

After the examinations , that was not easy time for us, I am back with my column about travelling. We will be visiting many countries around the whole world and I show you some places that are really amazing. In this publication I want to present India. Well. Come on!!!


Also, why do you have to travel to India?? From the wintry Himalayas of northern India to the sublime beaches of Goa, there's a beautiful haven for travellers of all tastes seeking a bit of zen or nirvana. The famed Ganges River certainly is a sight to be hold, even just for the millions of people who crowd it, believing in its holiness. That said, the people themselves offer enought of reasons to travel: Indians are extremely hospitable, incredibly diverse, and just as fascinated by tourists as tourists are intrigued by them. The true beauty of this country lies in its people. The convergence of so many different castes, customs, religions and languages makes India truly and uniquely chaotic. Because it is home to 800 million Hindus, cows roam freely in the streets - but while sitting in a rickshaw waiting for a herd to move, you may see black burka-clad Muslim women strolling by. Though India has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Indians maintain a simple life - outdoor markets, neighbourhood parties, and sitting outside sipping on mango juice. For those fed up with fast-paced capitalism and materialism, India is the perfect destination, offering a reality check on what matters in life to boot! So , I can write next hundret pages about India but I don´t have enought place for it.In the next publication I will continue whit it. I tell you more about these incredible country and the most visiting destinations. I hope ,it was intresting to read this lines.

By, I am looking forward to our next ´rendezvous´ !!!

 Write by Carla Kristof

Tatra bank reduces staff

The second biggest emloyer in bank sector reduces number of employees in central. Employees of the Tatra bank will feel the anti-crises measures soon. An Audit in Tatra bank has to decide about reenginnering of costs and reduction of number of employees in bank. It doesn’t know, how many emloyees the bank let off. We can to get this information in two months.

In last 6 years were increase of number of employees of Tatra bank almost one thousand employees. In first 6 months of years 2008 worked in Tatra bank over 3 600 employees. It was the biggest number of employees in bank sector following Slovak savings bank.

General Tatra bank employs around 18% employees of all bank sector. The reduction of staff in Tatra bank hasn’t touch employees in bank branch.


Benefits in uncertain times

In the time of creases, the government receives some anti-crises measures.

Social enterprices were mentioned as the first anti-crisis measures. The Ministry of Finance come up with the idea to increase the tax-free minimum, too. It wants to increase tax-free minimum from 19,2 multiplied by the life minimum (3 435,26euro) to 22,5 multiplied by the life minimum (4 026,6euro). It is going to chance the limit of the „millionaire tax“. From the first March it will not by 100 multiple of the life minimum, but 86 multiple of the life minimum. The increase of the tax-free part of the tax base will automatically cause the increase of employee bonuses.