Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hello guys :-), My name is Kiky, I´ll give you hot informations about all celebs in the world and new fashions styles. You´ll miss no tittle tattle and we´ll meet each other two times in the week. We will spend a nice and interesting time together.

Michelle's style shakes up Washington

First ladies have long been known for boxy suits, classic colors and ultraluxe pearls. But not Michelle Obama. As she moved into the White house this week and twirled her way through inaugural balls, the style agenda was clear: young, trendy and extremely new.
Michelle's not someone who wants to be confinement in a box wearing a suit and sensible heels say longtime all fashion editors , this fackt tells also our What´s up!. Her clothes represent a generational shift. We love your style Michelle. You are the number one from all firs ladies in the USA.


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