Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chimp attack – a modern-day tragedy

The chimp called Travis, appeared on TV commercials and often posed for photographs. Travis’s social skills included drinking wine from a glass, dressing and bathing himself and using a computer. Its owner, Sandra Herold (70) raised him as a children.
Herold told detectives that Travis was very aggressive Monday afternoon. He took her keys from the kitchen table, opened the door and walked out.
The 15 years old, 90 kg chimpanzee, attacked Charla Nash (55) as she got out of her car to visit its owner in Stamford.
Ms. Herold tried to pull Travis off her friend, but without success. Then she
ran inside to make an emergency call. She took a large butcher knife and stabbed her longtime pet much times to save her friend, who was really brutally attacked.

Then arrived the police officers, but the chimp then started attacking them. It injured two police officers before being shot dead as it tried to enter a police car.
Sandy Herold was taken to the hospital and treated for shock. Charla Nash's injuries are life-threatening. She lost a lot of blood. Two cops were treated for minor injuries.

Ms. Nash had markedly changed her hairstyle since the last time Travis had seen her and possibly mistaked her for an enemy.
Travis had escaped from a car before in 2003, and had spent two hours in Stamford.


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