Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tatra bank reduces staff

The second biggest emloyer in bank sector reduces number of employees in central. Employees of the Tatra bank will feel the anti-crises measures soon. An Audit in Tatra bank has to decide about reenginnering of costs and reduction of number of employees in bank. It doesn’t know, how many emloyees the bank let off. We can to get this information in two months.

In last 6 years were increase of number of employees of Tatra bank almost one thousand employees. In first 6 months of years 2008 worked in Tatra bank over 3 600 employees. It was the biggest number of employees in bank sector following Slovak savings bank.

General Tatra bank employs around 18% employees of all bank sector. The reduction of staff in Tatra bank hasn’t touch employees in bank branch.


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