Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hello people, I´m back with a new idea! Do you like watching serials when you have free time? So let´s look on a new serial mania!!! What I´m talking about? Ok, do you know Friends, Step by step, Frasier, Sex in the city, aso.? Ok, but we know all of these popular serials and we want something new, I´m right? So find some serial which you think you should like, and come on! Subtitles = unknown word for you?? Not from this moment, because most of the these serials you can find just with subtitles for now. But it´s better for you... You can improve your english ;-)
Every day more frequently slovak people starts to watch the series on their computers, because it´s more comfortable... You can watch the part of the serial which you want and when you want.. Isn´t it great?
Some tips for you : How I met your mother (about this serial more next time), Gossip girl, Dexter, One three Hill, aso..
So let´s go!

Your duckling

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