Sunday, February 15, 2009

Unusually holiday !!!

Hi kids!

After the examinations , that was not easy time for us, I am back with my column about travelling. We will be visiting many countries around the whole world and I show you some places that are really amazing. In this publication I want to present India. Well. Come on!!!


Also, why do you have to travel to India?? From the wintry Himalayas of northern India to the sublime beaches of Goa, there's a beautiful haven for travellers of all tastes seeking a bit of zen or nirvana. The famed Ganges River certainly is a sight to be hold, even just for the millions of people who crowd it, believing in its holiness. That said, the people themselves offer enought of reasons to travel: Indians are extremely hospitable, incredibly diverse, and just as fascinated by tourists as tourists are intrigued by them. The true beauty of this country lies in its people. The convergence of so many different castes, customs, religions and languages makes India truly and uniquely chaotic. Because it is home to 800 million Hindus, cows roam freely in the streets - but while sitting in a rickshaw waiting for a herd to move, you may see black burka-clad Muslim women strolling by. Though India has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Indians maintain a simple life - outdoor markets, neighbourhood parties, and sitting outside sipping on mango juice. For those fed up with fast-paced capitalism and materialism, India is the perfect destination, offering a reality check on what matters in life to boot! So , I can write next hundret pages about India but I don´t have enought place for it.In the next publication I will continue whit it. I tell you more about these incredible country and the most visiting destinations. I hope ,it was intresting to read this lines.

By, I am looking forward to our next ´rendezvous´ !!!

 Write by Carla Kristof

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