Sunday, February 22, 2009

Unusually holiday !!!

Hi friends!!

After one week I want to continue with my article about India. In this publication I want to imagine you the most visiting places in this beautiful country. So, I think you heard something about Goa, Agra, Mambia and Dharamsala. That are the most visitig destinations in India. This time I will be writting something about Goa. So, let´s go!!! Goa is the smallest state in India, is best known for its sunny and beautiful beaches. Just be sure to know what kind of experience you want: private beaches owned by hotels will feature only British and Australian tourists, while public beaches will be crowded with Indians (and offer cheap but safe water sports). The exotic land of Goa is a veritable tourist paradise. Sun-drenched beaches, enriching wildlife, opulent churches…Goa unfolds before the starry-eyed traveler in myriad ways. Besides the wealth of scenic beauty, the warm and friendly nature of the Goan people adds to the charm. But despite all these positives, one is always circumspect about the pitfalls that come with travelling to an unknown place.Safety should be of paramount importance while traveling to any foreign destination. In the excitement of exploring an exotic location people often let their guard down and get carried away. Such indifference can lead to disastrous consequences. Even though the Goans are warm, friendly people, there will be the proverbial rotten egg lurking around in search of gullible victims. Here are some safety precautions for traveling in Goa:
• Instead of carrying large amounts of cash, opt for traveler's cheques as they are readily exchangeable in most locations.
• While traveling, never accept food or drinks from strangers. They might be a ploy to rob you of your valuables.
So, my friends, despite of that you must be carefully, is Goa beautiful place for holiday. I hope my tips can help you. In the next publication I will be writing about Agra.
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Written by Carla Kristof

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