Sunday, February 22, 2009

A tragedy at Polomka

12 people died in a collision between a bus and a passenger train in central Slovakia at about 9am on Saturday.
The accident happened on a crossing near the town of Brezno, as the bus was travelling to a ski resort called Polomka Bučník. The railway crossing had no light signals or barriers to stop vehicles from crossing. The bus driver hadn´t enough time to change up to higher gear and sticked on the rail crossing. The train pushed the bus for tens of metres.
The 37 people on the bus were all from Banovce nad Bebravou and its neighborhood. Three married couples were between dead.
Martina Pavlikova, a spokeswoman for the Slovak Railways, said: "All the dead and injured were on the bus. There were only a few passengers on the train and they didn't suffer any serious injuries."
Three helicopters and nine ambulances took the 20 injured to hospital.


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