Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Golden Raspberry

The RazzieAwards, formally called the Golden Raspberry dishonours, was the grossly overrated Canadian comedy star Mike Myers, who had a seven nominations for his movie The Love Guru.
The movie was a successor to the Austin Powers series and got its just deserves at box offices, where it was one of the year’s most flops.
The film bomb was judged to be so bad by the hardened Razzie nominators that they chose it to compete in all the major categories including acting dishonours for Myers, Verne Troyer, Jessica Alba and even Oscar-winner Ben Kingsley.
But The Love Guru has plenty of competition. Also featuring highly on the list of nominees was Paris Hilton, whose every screen moment seemed. She was nominated for worst actress for the classic comedy The Hottie and the Nottie, worst supporting actress for The Genetic Opera and as one-half of the year’s worst screen couple together with both Hottie costar Christine Lakin or Joel David Moore.
Beside Myers, the worst-actor nominees include Eddie Murphy for Meet Dave , Al Pacino for both 88 Minutes and Righteous Kill and Mark Wahlberg, who also scored a double nomination for The Happening and Max Payne.
The biggest winner was German director Uwe Boll, who was the recipient of the worst career achievement for such timeless gems as the Bloodrayne series, Alone in the Dark and House of the Dead.
Film fans could have other opinions, but at least with the Razzies they could do something about it. The Golden Raspberry allowed anyone to vote - as long as they proved that they cared enough to pay a $25 registration fee.


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