Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: a day in frames

 Falling in "frame"

After all, life is a frame!

We like a picture we frame it...we frame cards, post cards, memories, feelings, photos of people we love, people we used to love and care about, photos of favourite things we wear or used to wear, we "frame" our heart, sometimes only to pretend that we are strong and we protect ourselves, we frame our body shape only to keep up with the expectactions of thouse who judge the shape not the content...and sometimes we frame our lives and we live like in the perfect frame - a pink frame, with floral details, a flamboyant photo, with people who drink wine&laugh, people who kiss each other and hold hands, a dream became reality.

In fact our lives are beautiful in their essences, simple black framed moments spent on a bridge in from of our house, enjoying a sunny day, the air, the quietness, the bird tweet, enjoying each other, striking a chord, tasting cinnamon biscuits and a cup of black tea.

In the end of the day we framed us looking at each other, the necklaces which remind us of our b*day gifts, the shoes we love, the clothes we love to wear, in fact the feeling called...LOVE.

With love,

* framed shoes we love by IL PASSO // framed apparel we love [HEART] by Eugenia Enciu

Friday, April 22, 2011

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: Happy Easter, Fabulous Girls!

Recipe for a Fabulous Easter

What exactly do you need for a magnificent Easter? 
Only a few ingredients, a couple of hours of fun&joy and everybody will rave about your Easter dinner:

800g love
600g rainbows
1 pink champagne glass
500 g smiles
1 fabulous cake (rainbow cake with vanilla cream&white fondant) from
2 avocado
6 apples
10 meimei honey&apricot jam mini cakes with icing&petit fours parfume
black tea
a couple of friends
your family
sun beams

1.Preheat the table 
2.Decorate it with the best tableware you have
3.Bring all the goodies
4.Fill a pot with fresh orange juice&a tea pot with black tea
5.Cream together all the other ingredients
6. And have a Fabulous EASTER!

With LOVE,

*** the rainbow MEIMEI cake was absolutely delicious, so we recommend you to order it asap :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: Magic in a shoe

Magic in a shoe*

Sometimes it's pretty hard to walk in a single woman shoes and even in a married or in a relationship woman ones...and that's why you sometimes need really special shoes to wear...and that only if you are convinced that you deserve to be more than fabulous and give you another chance to rediscover the fairy in you.

After a challenging week, various meetings, new projects on the fire, we have decided that we really need a fairy like day, in fairy like outfits matched with fairy like shoes with our fairy like friends, just sipping some tea, having a small talk - here and there kinky fairy like :), playing with the new [HEART] by Eugenia Enciu items and discover the new IL PASSO spring/summer collection.

If you were asking youselves if we became again the victims of shopaholism (turned on in the AbFab team by the blonde half :P) we simply did not.

It was Sunday morning when two pairs of wonderful shoes were waiting for us in front of the door...a pair of flats and a pair of white&beige pumps which absolutely made our fairy like outfits look marvelous.

Beside the challenge of IL PASSO project which meant to show the versatility of the S/S collection, initiative which surprised us in a very pleasent way, we were honored to be one of the bloggers chosen to wear and reinvent the S/S shoes in our own manner. (the other blogs: Ana-Maria Morodan:, Ioana Gheorghe: and  Iulia Burtea:

Girls, you know it's not a myth, shoes can be pure MAGIC!

Friday, April 15, 2011

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: the story of an AB FAB monkey

At first there were some loose sketches for the type design. A
few combinations were tested: all caps, lowercase, serif, sans
and swashes. Then followed a monogram which also made it
into digital form, but we felt it was quite formal, despite its
generous shapes.

Immediately a symbol was spawned which we instantly approved.
After all there are few things more fabulous than a
fl mboyant magenta monkey with a Carmen Miranda hat.

In the end we had an absolutely fabulous monkey for our Fabulous PR&Events agency.
And now our business cards are all about abfab-chic-precious-creative monkey ready to be fabulous at work every single day, every hour, every second of her life.

And all thanks to Firefly Branding Boutique, fabulous-talented guys.

Girls, dont try to flutter your eyelashes, they already have girlfriends :)))


P.S. So don't forget to visit

Monday, April 11, 2011


the morning AFTER
an AB FAB week

2 cappucinos, 1 Paris Vogue, 2 brioches  aux pepites de chocolat, 1 short shopping session and a new day is ON...

After a long week of work at the Ab Fab office, photo shootings, organizing the launch of the S/S 2011 Il Passo Collection, preparing the launch of [HEART] Collection by Eugenia Enciu & the Absolutely Fabulous Fashion&Vintage Fair we just enjoy a few calm, fairy moments, tasting the most Starbucks coffee ever and share with you.

Kisses girl,

Saturday, April 9, 2011


be boho fabulous

Tomorrow, 10th april, @ Villa Rodizio (Str. I.L.Caragiale) all the nomad spirits are welcomed @ Absolutely Fabulous Fashion&Vintage Fair
Two floors, vintage items, young designer clothes & a fabulous atmosphere. 
Enjoy a fab shopping session of boho inspired items and enjoy every second of it.

Be fabulous, be absolutely fabulous, girls and come with your boyfriends because the'll get fab gifts too!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: fabulous [heart] for fab girls

fabulous [heart] collection for fab girls

We leopard pattern, minnie mouse shape balloons, strawberries, florals, nude fabrics, shabby chic furniture, white walls, long hair, pink lipstick, peaceful mornings, great cuts, unique designs, dreams, vintage inspired t-shirts, having fun, cozy-sexy items, s and we love the new [HEART] collection by eugenia enciu, created for crazy-nomad spirits ready for party, freedom&love.

the [heart] collection by eugenia enciu will be officially launched next week 
and you'll be able to buy the items @ 

Absolutely Fabulous Fair (10th april)

Enjoy it, girls!

* Fab Location: Din Casa // Fab photographer: Alina Negoita(
) // Shoes: Il Passo

Monday, April 4, 2011

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: NY we love you but London is closer

We love NY but London is closer

Every desire has a story...

We love NY&LONDON because they have a story, our story, a love story, a new beginning story, a partnership story, a two lives story, a two in love hearts story, a fabulous & excruciating story...and these stories are small pieces in our great life puzzle.

Why NY? Crazy lifestyle, Sex and the city, Gossip Girl, Coke, picnic in Central Park, 24 h delivery, pop burger, cabs, the subway, sunday brunch, everybody smokes weed, everyone finds their identity here, New York loves you back, Magnolia Bakery, magic cookie bars, MoMA, icing on the cake, you&him in <3 K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Why London? English Royal family, Sophie Kinsella, the british accent, Hyde Park, the flag, tea at Ritz hotel, Camden, Portobello and Borough markets, the pubs, buying the Sunday papers at Charing Cross, night bagel bakeries, vintage stores, indian food, fashion designers, squares, Central Saint Martins College, Topshop & love in red&blue.

With red&white&blue love