Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: fabulous [heart] for fab girls

fabulous [heart] collection for fab girls

We leopard pattern, minnie mouse shape balloons, strawberries, florals, nude fabrics, shabby chic furniture, white walls, long hair, pink lipstick, peaceful mornings, great cuts, unique designs, dreams, vintage inspired t-shirts, having fun, cozy-sexy items, s and we love the new [HEART] collection by eugenia enciu, created for crazy-nomad spirits ready for party, freedom&love.

the [heart] collection by eugenia enciu will be officially launched next week 
and you'll be able to buy the items @ 

Absolutely Fabulous Fair (10th april)

Enjoy it, girls!

* Fab Location: Din Casa // Fab photographer: Alina Negoita(
) // Shoes: Il Passo

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