Friday, April 22, 2011

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: Happy Easter, Fabulous Girls!

Recipe for a Fabulous Easter

What exactly do you need for a magnificent Easter? 
Only a few ingredients, a couple of hours of fun&joy and everybody will rave about your Easter dinner:

800g love
600g rainbows
1 pink champagne glass
500 g smiles
1 fabulous cake (rainbow cake with vanilla cream&white fondant) from
2 avocado
6 apples
10 meimei honey&apricot jam mini cakes with icing&petit fours parfume
black tea
a couple of friends
your family
sun beams

1.Preheat the table 
2.Decorate it with the best tableware you have
3.Bring all the goodies
4.Fill a pot with fresh orange juice&a tea pot with black tea
5.Cream together all the other ingredients
6. And have a Fabulous EASTER!

With LOVE,

*** the rainbow MEIMEI cake was absolutely delicious, so we recommend you to order it asap :)

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