Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: a day in frames

 Falling in "frame"

After all, life is a frame!

We like a picture we frame it...we frame cards, post cards, memories, feelings, photos of people we love, people we used to love and care about, photos of favourite things we wear or used to wear, we "frame" our heart, sometimes only to pretend that we are strong and we protect ourselves, we frame our body shape only to keep up with the expectactions of thouse who judge the shape not the content...and sometimes we frame our lives and we live like in the perfect frame - a pink frame, with floral details, a flamboyant photo, with people who drink wine&laugh, people who kiss each other and hold hands, a dream became reality.

In fact our lives are beautiful in their essences, simple black framed moments spent on a bridge in from of our house, enjoying a sunny day, the air, the quietness, the bird tweet, enjoying each other, striking a chord, tasting cinnamon biscuits and a cup of black tea.

In the end of the day we framed us looking at each other, the necklaces which remind us of our b*day gifts, the shoes we love, the clothes we love to wear, in fact the feeling called...LOVE.

With love,

* framed shoes we love by IL PASSO // framed apparel we love [HEART] by Eugenia Enciu

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