Friday, April 15, 2011

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: the story of an AB FAB monkey

At first there were some loose sketches for the type design. A
few combinations were tested: all caps, lowercase, serif, sans
and swashes. Then followed a monogram which also made it
into digital form, but we felt it was quite formal, despite its
generous shapes.

Immediately a symbol was spawned which we instantly approved.
After all there are few things more fabulous than a
fl mboyant magenta monkey with a Carmen Miranda hat.

In the end we had an absolutely fabulous monkey for our Fabulous PR&Events agency.
And now our business cards are all about abfab-chic-precious-creative monkey ready to be fabulous at work every single day, every hour, every second of her life.

And all thanks to Firefly Branding Boutique, fabulous-talented guys.

Girls, dont try to flutter your eyelashes, they already have girlfriends :)))


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