Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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I think that Sri Lanka ia very interesting place for holiday. That is the reson why I want something more about this destination. Very interesting is Sigiriya Rock. The history of Sigiriya dates back to over 5000 thousand years. One of Sri Lanka’s major attractions and a World Heritage Site, Sigiriya(Lion Rock) came into prominence in the 5th centaury AD, when the patricidal King Kasyapa, afraid of reprisals led by his half - brother, Mogolan, chose to move the seat of power from Anuradhapura to this 500m rock. It was Kasyapa and his master-builders who were responsible for the complex plan which made Sigiriya the glorious capital it was, for 17 years (477 – 495 AD). The frescoes of the ‘ heavenly maidens ‘ halfway up the rock in a sheltered gallery, are the only painted renderings of a secular subject in this country.The 'mirror wall ‘, which records the poetic outpourings of early visitors to the rock and the colossal plan of the royal palace, water gardens and fortifications, is entirely fascinating.Mahinyangana Maha Seya is the next one. This Chetiya (stupa) was built during the lifetime of Lord Buddha enshrining the lock of hair given by Him to God Saman on the occasion of His first visit to Sri Lanka, nine months after attaining enlightenment. It is the first ever stupa to be constructed in Sri Lanka.It was enlarged by Arhat Sarabhu to a Chetiya 12 cubic feet high after receiving and enshrining the collar bone relic of the Buddha taken from the funeral pyre. Subsequently it was enlarged and rebuilt byvarious Kings and restored again during modern times.

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