Thursday, April 9, 2009

General Elektric governs to the world biggest companies

The crisis interfered the biggest companies in the world. The first place in the scale of the biggest companies of the magazine Fores retained the american holding General Electric. The second place occupied Royal Dutch Shell and the three place Toyota.

Forbes compiles yearly the scale of the biggest 2000 word companies on the base of cash sales, profit, the property and the market value of companies. The companies, that are representated in the scale, had the general cash sales 32 billions of dollars and they gained the profit 1,6 billions of dollars in the last year.The assets of these companies are in the price of 125 billions of dollars and their market price is 20 bilions of dollars.

Although in the last year the banks faced to the biggest problems, they still dominate in the scale of the biggest companies. In the scale is 307 banks. The second most dominated branche is the crude oil output and gas with 126 companies.

The Slovak companies are not in the scale of the 2000 word biggest companies.


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