Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hawk-eye maybe also in Bratislava from september

BRATISLAVA – The first use of electronic technology Hawk-eye for the back review of the place, where the ball falled, should happen in NTC already in september.
„I think it should have on this time its opening. It looks good.“ Said the general secretary of the Slovak tennis association Igor Moška on the gabfest and furnished: „We are trying to etablish this technology in NTC in spite of generally hard situation.“
Concerning the trend of the situation in the first category euroafrican zone of the Daviscup 2009 is more than likely, that Slovaks will play from 18-th till 20-th september indoors against Macedonia. If it´s not happening in the end (team of SR can also play in Belarus), the opening of Havk-eye in Sibamac ring would happend from 24-th october till 1-st november on international championship SR women singles, the traditional tournament IFT Ritro Slovak Open.

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