Sunday, April 19, 2009

The competition of beautiful miss has success

The competition of beautiful miss is popular for viewers each year. The numbers of viewers talk about it. We will can to watch this competition this Friday. In the end of competition we will know the new queen of beautiful Miss Slovakia 2009. The number of viewers had so high last year; the competition watched 798 thousand of viewers. It hopes that this year the number of viewers will by higher.
In present competition will ascend a lot of famous faces as Robo Grigorov, Misha, Marcel Palonder, Martina Schindlerová, Mária Čírová, Dominika Mirgová and the dance group Old School Brothers. The arry will by built up from famous people and the Professionals of the beauty of women. They will decide, which girl wins the title and advances to international competition of beauty Miss World and Miss International.

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