Sunday, April 26, 2009

Be sexy in summer!!!!

Do you want to be thin before summer? If so then this article will help open your eyes as to how to lose the weight before summer comes. You are probably thinking oh no not another low calorie diet or strict workout routine. Find out now how to drop that fat without any problems.You can be fit in your ideal bathing suit.

Some tricks to get thin before summer
Drink green tea every day:green tea is natural form of tea which is highly potent as both a natural metabolism booster as well as a antioxidant. It is the best way for fat burning.
Drink shake: This can be anything from using the supplement to having a morning fiber shake made of hemp, flax seed or any other natural fiber. These help immediately reduce bloating and clear out your colon so your body has less time to store food

Calorie shifting: This is a method of dieting. This is because unlike all other diets which have a habit of focusing on reducing the calories in the diet to lose weight. This diet is entirely focused on eating a special way that triggers your metabolism so your body burns more fat. Best of all there is no starving as this diet requires that you eat 4 complete meals every day.

girls ...I wish you luck....Kiky:-))))

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