Sunday, March 1, 2009

Irish-record bank robbery

Police in the Irish Republic have arrested six men and a woman in connection with the country's biggest ever bank robbery.
On Friday, a gang forced a bank official, Shane Travers, to withdraw 7million euros from the Bank of Ireland branch at College Green, Dublin. They had taken his partner, her mother and a five years old boy as hostages. They warned him not to call police before clearing out money from his branch the next morning. The gang had forced their way into the home on Thursday night. His partner, Stephanie Smith, was beaten and the family bundled and driven from the house. The 24 years old key holder was forced to drive into work early on Friday. After filling laundry bags with notes from the Dublin branch, he handed it over to the gang at the train station. His partner's family were then released on Friday.

In 2004, a gang forced two employees of the Northern Bank to help it steal £26m from the bank's central Belfast safe.

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