Sunday, March 1, 2009

Unusually Holiday!!!

Hi guys!!
Last week I was begining with my writing about the most visiting destinations in India. In this publication I want to continue. I will be writing about Mumbai this time.
Mumbai (Bombay) is called the city of dreams because everybody who enters Mumbai has dreams in his heart. The greatest dream is to become a famous actor. Mumbai is the city which breeds a spiring as well as established stars of the Indian film industryA holiday in Mumbai with a stay in hotel in Bombay can be diferent from person to person, depending on what the tourist is exactly looking for. If it is for some quiet moments with somebody in love, you can listen to the waves crashing against the rocks.That everything is in Mumbai possible. But if you are looking for simply letting down or you want to go out to the party for whole night, Mumbai is the right place for you.
Mumbai has many tourist attractions - the most famous is the Gateway of India, which also is considered to be the principal landmark of Bombay.Mumbai has a lot of beautiful hotels where are many business conferences every year.If you are asking which time is the best time to make a trip to Mumbai (Bombay), it can be any time because Mumbai tourism is always on, 365 days a year.
So, holiday in Mumbai can you definitely write in to you tour-itinerary.
Bye, bye!!!

Carla Kristof

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