Friday, March 25, 2011

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: Who's the ab fab man in our lives?

Who's the ab fab man in our lives?

He loves ties and whisky, brown and grey, he's not a vegan, but he keeps dreaming about a vegetarian diet, he's there when we need him and he makes us smile with his silly jokes everytime we have a drama, he is meticulous and always a gentleman, he brings us flowers in the middle of winter, with no reason, he hates sea food, but tastes it everytime we ask him, he likes Louise Ebel and posts a photo of her everyday on FB, he is good and kind, and he is one of the ab fab men in our lives.

We have decided to dedicate a post to every ab fab man in our lives and Marius Tatu is the first to be posted about. 

Why? Because all the reasons wrote above and because he's one of the most talented photo editors alive.
For those who don't know who's behind the amazing edited photos in Absolutely Fabulous Magazine, Glamour, Prevention & GQ, he is the MAN.

And because he always "gifts" us his Sony NEX-5 camera when we need it.

And that's why we <3 him.

Isn't he a catch? :)


*Location: Ben Frank&Sol

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