Monday, March 28, 2011

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: enJOY your scarves

enJOY your scarves

While taking our breakfast, the traditional english black tea&the french croissant, we rediscovered a new JOY, the magazine itself, and in the same time we enjoyed four fabulous scarves signed by four romanian designers (Corina Vladescu, Maria Lucia Hohan, Laura Lazar& Lena Criveanu).

If you feel in the mood for playing and reinvent the function of the scarf, these four are the best to begin to colour your everyday life and everyday habbits...attach them to your hair bun, make a bow on your neck, wear them as a bow-belt, accesorize your handbag, make a bookmark for your favourite Dali album, enwrap a present for your best friend or attach it on a pillow on your bed. You have so many ways to get the most out of these four items.

So girls, enjoy the game!


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