Wednesday, April 1, 2009

China´s request for the change of dollar to a new currency

According to China the dominance of dollar as a world currency haven´t acquited in the time of financial crisis. So China requests the creation of a new incoming currency. This incoming currency should be under the control of the International Monetary Fund.
The apell of the Chinese Central Bank talks about the increase of self-assurance of Peking in the ekonomic world. It wants to influence the leaders of representative groups of the 20 biggest economies of the word. They will discuss global crisis on the 2. of April this year in London. The Chinese government says, that is dangerous to depend on one national currency. The Chinese apell was published in English. It is clear, that it was made for the international public. The new currency should work in business, investment, in the leading of firms account, for marking the prices of commodities. The new currency should allow to control the economy more effectively. The newly made currency will depend on 185 state members. Peking isv dissatisfied with the position of dollar on the international scene for a long time.


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