Saturday, March 14, 2009

The most logistical places was rented in Slovakia

For slovak developing logistics was the year 2008 record. On the market came the most square meter places and the companies rented the biggest area. The general area of rent places was 300 000 square meter. Request for logistical places was in the Slovakia the highest of central-european countries. The grow was 56% in Slovakia, in Hungary about 18%, in Poland just 13%, the Czech Republic didn´t mark any grow but the fall about third part. The developing company ProLogis with it´s parks in the close of Galanta, Bratislava and Nové Mesto nad Váhom rented the most of logistical places. The price of rent wasn´t change, it cost 3,65€/m2/month. The most rented places was in Bratislava. In central- and eastern Slovakia wasn´t marked any transaction. The well-known logistical companies are J&T, AIG Lincoln, HB Reavis and Pinnacle.


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