Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kamil Mikulcik and Nela Pociskova in the Eurovision !!

For the first time in the Eurovision song Contest since 1998, the Slovak public broadcaste STV organised a great national selection this year. All 50 songs were presendet in 5 semi-finals. A sixteenth finalist recieved a wild card by the jury: Samo Tomeček singing To čo chceš.
It was a great schow with pyrotechnical effects. In the end, top 3 songs were:

1. K. Mikulcik and N. Pociskova- Leť tmou
2. Tomaš Bezdeda- Každý v nás
3. Mukatado- Ja sa mám

Kamil Mikulčík is a 31- year old actor, who also sings in the cappela band Fragile and Počisková is a 17- year old student of acting. Soon she will also star in the musical West Side Story.
The first reale Slovak entry in the Eurovision was Nekonečná pieseň by the Martin Ďurinda and Tublatanka who reached 19th place in 1994. This year Slovakia will be represented in the Slovak semi- final of the Eurovision Song Contest to take place on May 14th in Moscow.


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