Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hi kids,

I will be writting today about interesting Safari destinations.
South Africa has a number of private game reserves which boast some of the most exclusive and luxurious Game Lodges in the world.A safari itinerary will be designed specifically to suit any budget and safari requirement. In South Africa, all the Reserves are managed and controlled by a Committee of land owners, where conservation of Fauna and Flora is a top priority. These private commercial lodges exist so that these Reserves may sustain their viability. It is a rare privilege to visit a private game reserve and to view game from open vehicles in their natural habitat. We have chosen to represent Lodges whose ethic is to respect the environment and specifically the game while at the same time offering our guests an unforgettable safari experience.
Botswana can rightly be described as one of the finest safari destinations in Africa. Unspoilt and pristine wilderness sanctuaries offer the discerning safari traveller an exclusive experience. The largest inland delta system, the Okavango Delta, encompasses various unique bio-systems, which guarantee a vast variety of wildlife viewing throughout the year. The camps lie in isolated areas and most are only accessible by air. Strict concession limitations guarantee an intimate exclusive safari experience. These pristine wildlife areas are best explored during game drives in open safari vehicles, guided nature walks or, in certain areas, from the water in specially dug out canoes called Mokoros. For the more adventurous guest scheduled Discoverer Expeditions through Botswana's pristine wildlife areas, are also on offer. Small groups of guests (up to eight persons) are offered the unique opportunity to explore a variety of habitats and wildlife in both private concessions and national parks. The visitors are accommodated permanent tented camps as well as small mobile camps in various areas. Each departure is hosted by a professional driver guide and carried out in custom made safari vehicles.

Carla Kristof

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