Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hegerova is star of Slowakia!!!!

From 1937 to 1942 HANA attended ballet school at the National Theater in Bratislava. After completing her primary education in Komárno in 1950, she worked as a clerk for Škoda Works and as a teacher at a vocational school. From 1951 to 1953, Hegerová attended professional theatrical courses at the State Theater Conservatory, then in 1957 joined the company of the Petr Jilemnický Theatre in Žilina.

Hegerová played the title role in the film Frona under the name Hana Čelková. We saw her first appearance as a singer in Tatra Revue in Bratislava. After she came to Prague, the foremost Czech actor Jan Werich offered her an engagement in the ABC Theatre, however, she refused. She also performed at the Rokoko Theatre in Prague, and Semafor Theater where she appeared in the jazz opera Dobře placená procházka from Jiří Suchý and Jiří Šlitr and film Kdyby tisíc klarinetů . Hegerová's repertoire included many chansons by Czech and Slovak authors, and also Czech versions of songs from the repertoire of Édith Piaf and many others. In 1967, Hana Hegerová appeared at the Paris Olympia with the songs of Jacques Brel and Charles Aznavour. She also performed at the World's Fair in Montreal. From 1977 to 1981, during the Czechoslovak normalization, Hegerová was forced to stop her activities abroad and her concert activities were also restricted in Czechoslovakia. Following the Velvet Revolution she began to perform more often in public. During this time she received many music awards for example the Platinum Disc in 1992 the Czech Gramy. Hana Heregová received a Medal of Merit from Czech President Václav Havel.

We are proud of you Hana

Kiky :-)

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