Friday, June 17, 2011



If you've already decided what's your favourite coffee, chosen your close friends to have your coffee with,  your favourite outfit and the most precious pair of shoes from your wardrobe, then it's time for you to decide what's the adequate fragrance for your personality and also the proper moment for you to discover the creativity and artistry of a real perfumer.

That's what we did in an ordinary morning, while we were having an amazing breakfast with our lovely friends, Ioana, Ruxi&Alin. 

We have decided that we need a new fragrance and there was the answer, in front of our eyes, BEAUTIK Haute Parfumerie - a luxury parfumery created for unique personalities and spirits, a modern Faust, transposed in the exuberance of flavours & also a very chic boutique.

Lots of  fragrances, many hours spent searching for the best essence, a very sophisticated atmosphere, very well trained advisers and again lots of rare and nonconformist scents...Fleur de Rocaille 2004, Lady Vengeance, Not a perfume, Montaigne, Lady Caron, Iles d’or, Nirmala, Un air de Molinard, Le Vainquer, Josephine, Eugenie, Apome pour femme, Apom pour Homme, Aqua Universalis, Bouquet de la Reine, Santal, Fleur, Quelque Fleurs Royale, Duc de Vervins...

....and finally the fabulous winners: Juliette Has a Gun "Not a parfume" & Lady Caron

A pretty exhausting afternoon, 
but still a playful, exclusivist and challenging game 
closely guided by the fabulous

You should all begin searching for a new BEAUTIKish fab fragrance :)

With love,

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