Sunday, May 15, 2011

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: Day&Night at Fabulous Mansion House

Day&Night at Fabulous Mansion House

If you ask us, a fabulous life is one full of love, smiles, kisses, laughs, tears, achievements, disappointments, joy, new friends, new enemies, poems & gossip, trust, friendship&commitment, wildness, spontaneity, hopes, new horizons, healthy food&junk food when the psyhic needs it, fragrances, music, color...

But sometimes you just need a day&night off to be only with youself and just enjoy the silence, a good movie, a glass of rose wine, a spa session, a new nail polish, a new or old book, new fragrances, new lingerie, some coconut sweets & a good friend to be by your side in your peaceful, silent moment - a moment hard to forget & an imperative thing to do when you feel your life is too much too handle.

It takes you 24 h to be brand new&be fabulous and shimmery again.

With Love,

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