Sunday, April 19, 2009

Demolition of the PKO

Developer Henbury Development has stopped demolition of the Culture and Leisure Park (PKO) building in Bratislava which it had started in the early morning of April 14. Representatives of the City of Bratislava claim the demolition works came as a surprise to them. Bratislava Mayor Andrej Ďurkovský said he immediately asked the developer to halt demolition.
The works were eventually stopped at 10 am on April 14, just a couple of hours after they had begun, but only on the condition that the demolition permit, which was issued to the developer and was valid until April 19, would be prolonged.
The demolition works were officially cancelled on April 15, after the Mayor of the Staré Mesto district of Bratislava signed a prolongation of the demolition permit for the developer. The windows and doors that had already been demolished will be replaced by Henbury Development. As a result, production of cultural events such as the popular TV show Let’s Dance or the Spring Bratislava Jazz Days are no longer threatened.
Thanks to the prolongation, the city council will now get more time to find an adequate substitute for the present PKO, where most major cultural events currently take place. The investor is willing to wait until the end of 2011, when the prolonged demolition permit expires. Henbury Development intends to build a new cultural and congress centre on the site of the present PKO.


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