Sunday, March 29, 2009

Worldchampionship is over

I would like to introduce you my favorit sport, it´s figure skating, this year was the Worldchampionship in Los Angeles and we´ll see now the winners.
Let´s start with dance on ice, because this was the only one discipline which I saw, cos´ to find enough time was a big problem.
The third place belong to the Canadian couple Tessa Virtueová-Scott Moir. My private opinion is, that this couple should take the 1. place, they were the best skaters and I liked their free program most. They had some new elements, which were perfect mastered and also looked good. I would wish that they win and I think that they also deserved it. I´ll hope, that they will be so good also on Olympiad.
The silver medal won the USA cupple Tanith Belbinová-Benjamin Agosto. USA was very happy, becaouse thay took this medal, but on the fans reaction you could see, they wonted the gold medal. But for the jury wasn´t USA representative good enought.
Maybe you start to think who was the first couple, if you are watching sometimes figureskating you maybe know, that best in the world are still Russians, so the winner is: Oxana Domninová and Maxim Šabalin(on the Picture). They newer won the worldchampionship, last year they were Europe Champions, but because of an injury they couldn´t go the the Worldchampionship.
Women: 1. Kim Ju-Na (Korea rep.) 207,71, 2. Joannie Rochetteová (Can.) 191,29, 3. Miki Andová 190,38 (Jap.).
Men: 1. Evan Lysacek (USA) 242,23, 2. Patrick Chan (Can.) 237,58, 3. Brian Joubert (Fr.) 235,97.
Sport couples: 1. Aľona Savčenková, Robin Szolkowy (Ger.) 203,48, 2. Dan Žang, Hao Žang (China) 186,52, 3. Juko Kawagučiová, Alexander Smirnov (Rus.) 186,39.


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