Sunday, March 15, 2009

Victims of Germany school shooting

A teenager has killed 15 people in south-west Germany after attacking his old school with a gun. Nine pupils and three teachers at the school were among those shot and killed by the 17-year-old boy. The attack started around 9.30am in Germany when the teenager went into the school and started firing. He killed a number of people before stealing a car and driving to a nearby town. Police founded him there and he was killed after a shoot-out.

The gunman hasn't been named officially, but people who live in the area in Germany have said he is called Tim Kretschmer. People, who knew him said, that he went shooting in a forest every day. His father have had a collection of weaponry.

The leader of Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel: "It is unimaginable that in just seconds, pupils and teachers were killed - it is an appalling crime.“

This is a day of mourning for the whole of Germany.


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