Sunday, March 15, 2009


Zuzana Belohorcová is studying in Prague at university of celebrities. She failed in Slovakia.
Do you want to study?? Move to Czech republic and start to study at any of famous expensive university. Zuzana Belohorcová did so. She didn´t any chance to graduate in Slovakia. She pays now about 56 000 czech crowns per year. In the class she is sitting with other celebrities so she has bigger chance to graduate there. from 4. class she went to second at Ján Amos university in Prague. She is saying that titul of social comunication she can get much easier. She coud feel that she is famous in Slovakia, because 3 of tutors didn´t give her any chance to pass the exams. She is working for czech TV Prima in life and style show. She also owns shop with fashion clothes. She sad: ,, It is hard job´´.


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