Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Presidential election nears - but who will vote?

The next presidential election will take place in Slovakia in just one month. There is still uncertainly about how many people will turn out vote. The analysts said :"Not many!" The election will cost more than 9,5 millions. The money will come form the Interior Ministry. In the first round of voling on March 21. seven candidates will bid for the presidency. The candidate Ivan Gašparovič - present president, is supported by two of the parties Smer and The Slovak National Party. The next political party Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (HZDS) has nominated its own candidate Milan Melník. Iveta Radičová, František Mikloško, Pavel Haulík, Milan Sidor, Zuzana Martináková are candidates of president too. At the last election didn´t take part 22% of volers. However, in this presidential selection this number will increase.

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