Sunday, March 29, 2009

Italian 'Fritzl' and son arrested

Police have arrested a man and his son on suspicion of raping their daughters in the northern Italian city of Turin.

The father kept his daughter captive in a dark room for 25 years and had sexually abused her. Italian media say the first victim, given the pseudonym "Laura", is now 34 and is having psychological treatment. Laura alerted the police, who now believe that the 63-year-old man's son also raped his own four daughters. Laura's abuse is believed to have started when she was nine years old. Prosecutors say she was locked up in a room without electricity, forced to leave school at the age of 13 and never allowed to leave the house without her father's supervision. According to Italian media reports, the case came to light after Laura accused her brother of rape. She had reportedly fled her father's house, sought refuge in her brother's house, only to be allegedly locked up and raped by her brother for two weeks. Laura says her brother also raped his own four young daughters.
Father and son, both street vendors who collect scrap metal for a living, have been arrested and charged with rape, sexual abuse and carrying out obscene acts in public.

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