Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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I am back and I want to continue with my article about Victoria Falls. From which country do you have to travel to Victoria Falls? Zambia or Zimbabwe???Up until about 10 years ago Zimbabwe was by the far the most popular country to visit the Victoria Falls from. There are plenty of luxury hotels and the infrastructure is good. You can walk to the falls from town along well marked paths and the view is certainly the best from this side because you can stand opposite the falls and see them head on. But, the political situation in Zimbabwe has meant that tourists are opting to visit the falls from the Zambian side. Visiting the falls from Zambia has some advantages, namely the tickets to enter the park are cheaper and accommodation in the town of Livingstone is also traditionally less expensive. You can see the falls from above as well as below and the surrounding forested areas are more pristineI would recommend visiting from both sides, there is a border post you can cross quite easily and day passes are given out so you don't need to get a visa in advance. But as with all border formalities, check in advance since rules can change from day to day.

Written by Carla Kristof

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