Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gašparovič and Radičová proceeded to the second round

The first round of the president´s election won the present president Ivan Gašparovič. He reached 46,71% of voices.Iveta Radičova placed second with 38,05% of voices. The second round of the president´s election will run in two weeks. Ivan Gašparovič reached 876 061 of voices in the first round. Iveta Radičová had 713 735 of voices. She won in three districts – Bratislava, Trnava and Nitra. The highest support reached in the district of Bratislava. She had 52,6% of voices. The lowest number of voices she had in the distict of Žilina. She had only 25,72% of voices. The present president had the biggest success in the district of Trenčín. He had 52,23% of voices. The lowest support had Gašparovič in the district of Bratislava. In the district of Košice the results of the two candidates were nearly equalled.
František Mikloško placed third (5,41% of voices), behind him placed Zuzana Martináková(5,12% of voices), then Milan Melník, Dagmar Bollová and the last placed Milan Sidor.
In the first round of the president´s election have taken part 43,63% of rightfull voters. All hope, that in the second round the number of participated voters will raise.


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