Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The financial crisis falls on the poorest mostly

World bank: Developing countries will need 270 to 700 milliards of dollars.

The contemporary crisis will have a negative fall on the poorest developing countries. The World bank gave the information, that only the fourth part of this countries will able to loosen ekonomic decrease by making of the news workstations or stimulative programs. The business will fall in Asia mostly. The fall of the business will by the biggest in the last 80 year. Last year Asia have a lost 9,6 billions USD. It is 109% of GDP. The lower fall was in Latin America. The financial lost was 2,1 billions USD, it is 57% of GDP. The value of financial actives falled of 80-85% of world GDP.
This financial crisis will attack to world ekonomic, it is very dangerous.


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