Sunday, March 1, 2009

Boris Becker will have a new wife again

DÜSSELDORF – Legendary german tennisplayer Boris Becker is going to marry 30 years old Dutch Lilly Kerssenberg on 12. jun in Switzerland in St. Moritz. The couple told this in the most popular germen tv-shov Wetten, dass... (Bet, that...) on the Sunday live telecast from Düsseldorf.
Boris knows, that he and women that is not simple theme. He was alredy married and has two children with ex-wife Barbara Feltus (1993-2001), two sons Noah (15) and Elias(9). With Russian model Angela Ermakovova has he daughter Anna, which is now eight.
Becker is with Lilly four years included few fall out. Like it seams now, is it all history now.


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