Sunday, February 15, 2009

Continental Plane crash into town near Buffalo

A plane (Continental Connection Flight 3407) crashed into a home on Thursday late night in Clarence Center, near Buffalo, New York. 50 people died – all 49 passengers and a person on the ground, who was in the house destroyed by the plane. Two occupants of the house survived - a 57 years old woman and her 22 years old daughter - and were threated in a hospital. Between the dead were Beverly Eckert, widow of a September 11 attack victim. Ms. Eckert met President Obama last week at the White House, with other relatives of people killed in the 2001 attacks.

Continental Airlines Flight 3407 departed from Newark in New Jesrsey and crashed 5 miles from the airport in Buffalo. The founded recordings say, that the crew of the plane discussed a “s
ignificant ice buildup” on the wings and windshield, as the plane flew through snow and mist.
The visibility was three miles.

n Steven Chealander of the National Transportation Safety Board said that the de-icing system was in the on-position. The plane began its descent, and the crew lowered the landing gear. The captain tried to get down the plane, but without success.

Sandra Baker, who lives two blocks from the place of the crash, said: “It was just like a big crash, a boom.” Both of her sons, firemen, went to the scene.
Witnesses said, the flames were shooting about 50 feet high.

The causes of the crash are being investigated.


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